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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world.

In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead 

Looking to be a change agent for adolescent mental health services?

Are you a licensed mental health provider, passionate about adolescent mental health? Are you an innovator in your field and committed to mental health equity? Are you looking for a community that will help you grow as a professional?

If so, the Equity Associates Team of highly qualified mental health specialists is expanding and we want you to join us! Please fill out the form below, including your resume, and we will schedule a time to talk about joining our network!

What will you love about joining Equity Associates’ Team?

You will love being part of Equity Associates’ Team because…

…Equity Associates is committed to promoting mental health equity for all adolescents by dissolving geographical constraints and matching young people with highly specialized and diverse mental health clinicians with their unique needs.

…Equity Associates is a strength-based, solution-focused organization on a mission to diminish stigmas around mental health treatment through innovation, specialization, and an unparalleled commitment to delivering high quality mental health services.

…Your passion for providing adolescent mental health services can shine while we take care of the rest from billing to client recruitment, guaranteeing you are matched specifically with the clients who need you most.

…You can set your own schedule, work as much or as little as you desire as a contracted employee while continuing your own private practice and expanding your clientel base.

…With Equity Associates you can work remotely and flexibly while positively impacting the lives of young people all over the country.

…You will be able to enhance your professional capacities by working with a highly specialized team of mental health providers in a creative and fulfilling environment.

…As an Equity Associates’ Team Member, you will be part of a team of forward-thinking and highly effective professionals on which your voice can truly be heard.

…Equity Associates is committed to self-care and prioritizing a work-life balance while offering extremely competitive wages.

…You will have the opportunity to develop yourself as a cutting edge specialist as we support you in refining your therapeutic modality through our online platform.

…You can systematize collaboration in order to maximize treatment outcomes through our unique collaborative care model.

…You can utilize the expertise of our network to Implement best-practices that are aligned with evidence-based research in the field of adolescent mental health.

…You can demonstrate your effectiveness as a clinician as you utilize our data and assessment processes.

…You will be able to alleviate your workload and take the stress out of billing for your services as Equity Associates does that work for you so you can focus on doing the work you love-providing therapy to adolescents!

…You will have the opportunity to draw on the expertise of our billing team to help you become credentialed under major insurance providers.

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Please fill out the form below, including attaching your resume, and we will schedule a time to talk about joining our network!