Mom and teenage daughter on a video chat with therapist

Research suggests that a strong relationship between therapists and patients can be developed in therapy delivered through telemental health and telemental health can help with nearly all of the same struggles and challenges that are addressed in in-person therapy.

Equity Associates believes in order for any therapy to be effective it must be highly personalized and tailored to the individuals’ needs, therefore we suggest the appropriateness of telemental health for the delivery of therapy be evaluated on an individual level in conjunction with the feedback of a licensed mental health provider.

While telemental health has been demonstrated to be an effective delivery for therapy and is found to have very similar results to face to face therapy in most cases, it might not be the right delivery platform for all individuals. Some children with impairing attention problems or children too young to attend to a screen may be better served in in-person settings. Additionally, someone in imminent crisis should first be served in an in-person, face to face setting and then may be transferred to telemental health once regulated in order to continue to improve their mental health functioning.