Group therapy may seem intimidating to a teen with anxiety, but it can be a supportive and beneficial place for them to get the help they need. Read on to learn about what group therapy is and the benefits your teen can gain from it.

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps people better understand themselves in a group setting. Typically, one or two therapists work with a select small group of clients. Groups are often designed to target specific problems, like anxiety. It can also be a viable treatment option for those dealing with depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, or other emotional issues.

Speaking in front of a group, no matter how small, can be intimidating for those with anxiety. However, group therapy is a great way to overcome intense and recurring anxiety. It allows each person to “practice” coping strategies and overcome anxieties in a safe, controlled environment.

The Benefits of Group Therapy

Here are just a few benefits your teen can experience:

White teens in a group therapy session holding hands.

When teens are in the company of peers who are also struggling, they don’t feel so alone.

Access to a Complete Support System

Group therapy isn’t just a therapist providing support while others watch and listen. Instead, members of the group are encouraged to provide feedback and support to others. For example, if someone is having trouble speaking up in school, the group listens to that person share their troubles. Then the other members will share their experiences and how they have dealt with those issues.

When teens are in the company of peers who are also struggling, they don’t feel so alone. When they all share the same struggles, it can be a source of hope and encouragement for all involved.

Improves Social Skills

People with anxiety find communicating difficult and will limit their interactions and experience sadness and frustration as a result. Group therapy is a safe space for teens to practice their social skills and work through social obstacles together. In a group, they can voice their opinions, work on active listening skills, and practice engaging in conversations with peers. Teens can also test out interpersonal effectiveness skills they learn from the therapist without fear of being judged. This will boost their confidence and help them cope better with social situations in the future.

Opportunity to Help Others

Getting support from other members in the group is great, but extending support is a great benefit as well. Every individual is on a different journey when it comes to anxiety, with their own challenges and obstacles to deal with. Providing support and fostering friendships make people feel good about themselves. When your teen can connect and lend a hand to other group members, they are making a positive difference in someone else’s journey and get to see that unfold throughout group sessions. That is a great confidence booster!

Increased Coping Skills

With individual therapy, a therapist can give coping strategies for your teen to try. But anxiety can make it hard for your teen to test those strategies outside of therapy. Group therapy allows teens to practice these skills and strategies in a safe environment and receive feedback. This practice will help them cope with difficult situations effectively and improve their confidence when tackling real-life problems.

Get Started Today

If your teen is showing signs of anxiety or is struggling with anxiety, depression, or other social or emotional issues, they may benefit greatly from group therapy. At Equity Associates, we are here to help your teen get started with online counseling. We are based in Ridgway, Colorado but can help those anywhere in the state. No matter what, we’re always here to support those who need us.

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