For many, therapy is a shrouded subject that can seem just a bit daunting. At Equity Associates, we don’t want therapy to be a source of anxiety. That’s why we’re opening up and debunking 6 common myths about therapy that might be holding you back.

“My Problems Aren’t Serious Enough for Therapy”

One of the most common myths about therapy is the idea someone’s problems aren’t bad enough for therapy. Many people think that the challenges they face are normal, and can and should be handled without any help. After all, everyone is facing problems. Problems like social anxiety and insomnia pale in comparison to what others may be facing.

While it’s true – someone’s problems may be worse – that doesn’t mean you should suffer through yours. There is no threshold trauma limit that must be met in order to seek therapy. Regardless of how serious you perceive your problems to be, a professional can help you handle the curveballs that life likes to throw at you.

Teenager sitting on floor using laptop

Those who seek help from therapy aren’t weak. It takes courage to pursue change, not weakness.

“Only People Who Are Weak Get Therapy”

This couldn’t be more untrue! To many, it may seem like a person is giving up if they seek out therapy treatment. But it’s really the opposite. Seeking help for your problems means you’re taking action.

Think about it this way. Are people who go to school too weak to teach themselves? How about physicians, are they too weak to heal themselves? Of course not. So, seeking out help for your mental health and wellbeing does not make you weak. Remember, it takes courage to pursue change, not weakness.

“If I Start Therapy, I’ll Have to do it Forever”

Therapy isn’t a forever type of thing. That is unless you like it, then feel free to continue to utilize it for as long as you’d like! But therapy will usually have an end date.

At the beginning of therapy, the end date might seem unclear, and that’s okay. But the more sessions you have, the more a goal will come into focus. As you work with your therapist, they’ll teach you tools and skills so that you can handle challenges on your own. Once you’ve achieved your goal, you may stop seeing your therapist altogether, save for a few sessions here and there just to keep your mental health on the right track.

“Therapy is Just Common Sense”

Another common myth about therapy is to hear that therapy is pointless because therapists just rehash common knowledge. However, common sense is wisdom that applies to everyone. Therapy gives insight, which is wisdom unique to you. It’s a place to focus on you and receive the support of a trained expert to help understand, work, and guide you to reach your goals.

Therapist smiling over video chat

It can be nerve-wracking opening up to a stranger, but keep in mind you don’t have to share anything you’re not ready to! 

“I’ll Be Forced to Talk About Things I Don’t Want To”

It’s understandable to be nervous about opening up to a stranger. Especially when you hear this myth about therapy. But therapists will never force you to talk about things you’re not ready to discuss, especially when you’re starting. They want to help you on the right path. That path may push you towards uncomfortable topics, but you will always be in the driver’s seat of your treatment.

“Therapy is Just Talking; That’s What Friends Are For”

Good friends are valuable assets. And as people we trust, we can often tell them our anxieties, fears, and other mental health challenges. While a conversation with a friend can be therapeutic, those kinds of chats can take a toll on a relationship.

Therapists offer the same benefits of a chat with a friend, but they have the experience and education to help you. They’ll help to dig a bit deeper and get you to open up more than you might feel comfortable with your friends.

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Equity Associates is always here to support those who need help.

Busting Myths with Equity Associates

Myths about therapy won’t go away overnight, but the more we are aware of them, the better we can be about sharing the truths! If you’re seeking therapy for your family, community, or school, let Equity Associates help. Our services are highly personalized for one’s unique needs and with our usage of telemental health, those seeking treatment can do so in the comfort of their home. No matter what, we’re always here to support those who need us.