Equity Associates Collaborative Care model utilizes a team, student and strength based focused model, with emphasis on evidence-based data analysis and measurable interventions. The collaborative care model is an essential customizable mental health solution in order for Equity Associates to help your school decrease barriers to quality school-based mental health care.

The collaborative care model is a transferable, integrated care model frequently employed to facilitate the coordination between primary health care providers and mental health providers. There is a vast body of research indicating that youth involved in collaborative care models have substantially better treatment outcomes compared to usual care.

Equity Associates Collaborative Care model aligns itself with the work of the *ACCESS Project and in turn will support your school-based mental health team in through the following elements:

  • Youth-centered care using a multidisciplinary team working together to coordinate care through case management and shared treatment plans.

  • Outcome tracking is a focus and through progress monitoring treatment intensity is increased. If patients are not improving, such that attention is paid to improving outcomes for the whole population rather than just the individual;

  • The use of evidence-based interventions;

  • Using measurement-based treatment models and systems to monitor and track progress based on patient-specific treatment goals.

  • Accountability through consultation and supervision; and

  • Client education and engagement.

*Lyon, A. R., Whitaker, K., French, W. P., Richardson, L. P., Wasse, J. K., & McCauley, E. (2016). Collaborative care in schools: enhancing integration and impact in youth mental health. Advances in School Mental Health Promotion, 9(3-4), 148–168. https://doi.org/10.1080/1754730x.2016.1215928