School Based Services Dropdown

MTSS Services

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Licensed Service Provider Key Equity Associates will work with your existing MTSS team, school-based mental health practitioner team and community agency resources to expand mental health services within your school. Equity Associates telemental [...]

School-Based Mental Health Collaborative Care

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Equity Associates Collaborative Care model utilizes a team, student and strength based focused model, with emphasis on evidence-based data analysis and measurable interventions. The collaborative care model is an essential customizable mental health solution in order for Equity Associates [...]

IEP Mental Health Related Services

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Licensed Service Provider Key As a related service within a student's IEP, all of Equity Associate’s counseling services are defined as (2) Counseling services means services provided by qualified social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors, or [...]

Small Group Counseling for Students

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What is Group Therapy for Teens? Teenage group therapy is when one or more therapists work with several teens at the same time. Teens can expect to share their feelings, experiences, and behaviors with those struggling with similar challenges. [...]

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