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The teen years are rough…you don’t have to go it alone.

Teenage friends laughing togetherAs a parent, you remember the teen years were rough but are you beginning to wonder if your teen’s struggles are beyond what is normal for other teens?

Parenting a teen can not only be exhausting, but also unpredictable. Do you feel like you are making progress with your teen one day but then the next day is like dealing with a totally different person? Are you feeling stuck not knowing how to best help your teen cope with the stressors of life? Are you wondering if your teen may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression and you aren’t sure how to help or feel like you have already tried everything? Are your teen’s grades now suffering when before they did well in school? Does your teen spend most of their time locked in their room or on their phone, making it challenging to communicate with them? Are you concerned your teen might turn to alcohol or drugs to cope or maybe already has?

As a teen, do you believe you are the only one feeling this way? Are you looking for a way to cope with all of the pressure, stress, and overwhelming emotions?

Being a teen is exhausting and unpredictable, trying to keep up with the expectations of friends, school, and home while also experiencing hormonal shifts that are out of your control can be overwhelming and leave you feeling alone in your struggles. Overwhelming emotions of frustration, depression, anxiety, anger can creep in and prevent you from feeling normal like you’re just watching your life go by without really being able to enjoy any of it. Without a support system or the right coping skills, it is all too easy to slip into behaviors that might not serve you long-term.

Teenagers with their arms around each otherBoth as a teen and as a parent, it is important for you to know you are not alone and it is NOT your fault.

Many teens struggle to cope with life stressors. Feeling isolated and overwhelmed can lead to anxiety and depression among other mental health challenges. In fact, statistics show that one in seven 10-19-year-olds experiences a mental health-related challenge. Half of such challenges start by age 14 years but most are undetected and untreated.*

A developing teenage brain doesn’t handle stress in the same way an adult’s brain does, in fact, it takes until the age of 25 for the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for focusing attention, impulse control, and managing complex behaviors to be fully developed. Unfortunately, during this critical time in development, many teenagers never get the treatment they need, which can cause chronic mental health challenges into adulthood.*

The good news is some of the most common mental health conditions including depression and anxiety can be treated and respond well to talk therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy or CBT. CBT is an approach to therapy that focuses on the thought, behavior, feeling pattern. CBT helps teens learn to become aware of their thought patterns and work towards changing distorted thinking patterns so they can choose new behaviors and therefore change their feelings. Equity Associates offers both online individual and group CBT for teens.

Online Individual and Group Counseling can help your teen learn to cope with life’s challenges and flourish.

As a parent or as a teen, it is ok to seek help and Equity Associates is here to be part of your support system. Online individual and group counseling can help teens feel less isolated by offering a safe, judgment-free space. Equity Associates’ highly specialized teen mental health counselors can help your teen navigate the rough waters of the teen years with greater ease while developing skills to help them now and into adulthood.

One of the most important steps towards healing is building trust and connection. Equity Associates works with both parents and teens to build this comfort as we practice new strategies together, we can help you to create a more positive life filled with hope and excitement for the future.

Regardless of the challenges, you are facing now, stress, depression, anxiety, loss, or trauma, you do not have to suffer without help or hope anymore. Equity Associates is here to help you.

Equity Associates’ counselors are specifically trained to work with teens. We understand how important the right connection between you and your counselor is, which is which is why we offer a special matching process that will connect you with the counselor within our network who most closely aligns with your goals and truly understands your needs. Drawing on our evidence-based approaches to counseling assures we will use a method proven to get positive results such a CBT and group counseling. You no longer have to fear asking for help or knowing which way to turn.

You may be wondering if counseling is right for you or you may be afraid of what others will think if you work with a professional to get support…

With so many stigmas surrounding mental health in our society, it is natural to feel worried about what others may think or to wonder if counseling can even help you at all. Maybe you’ve tried counseling in the past and the circumstances didn’t produce the results you were hoping for. It can be hard to find the confidence and courage to try again. Equity Associates is on a mission to decrease stigmas and help you get results from our online teen individual and group counseling.

How can I be sure this will be a good fit for me or my teen?

At Equity Associates, we want you to feel confident in your decision to seek help and assured your counselor will be the right fit. For this reason, we work with a network of highly skilled online counselors throughout the states of Colorado and Indiana. We have a unique matching process to help be sure your counselor has experience with the exact specialty areas in which you need support. Additionally, Equity Associates offers a free fifteen-minute consultation so we can personally answer any questions and respond to any concerns you might have about the counseling process. All of the counseling modalities used by Equity Associates are evidence-based which means they have a track record of proven success to draw upon and with our unique collaborative care process, you will be able to see measurable growth throughout the process.

Teenager and counselor during a session on laptopEquity Associates exclusively offers online counseling because we don’t want challenges of geographic proximity to prevent you from connecting with the most highly specialized counselor specifically matching your needs. Additionally, research shows teens are highly responsive to online counseling, and in many cases, it has proven to be as effective if not more effective in treating problematic teen concerns such as depression and anxiety. Online counseling has also been shown to help both parents and teens have a sense of anonymity in the counseling process as sessions can be done where you are most comfortable without the fear of having to be seen at a counseling office.**

Equity Associates offer flexible scheduling. We don’t want to add to the already crazy schedule of your teen and for this reason, we offer convenient scheduling that fits your family’s needs, including evening and weekend sessions.

At Equity Associates, we believe group counseling coupled with individual counseling can be a very powerful combination to promote healing and hope through the quickest means possible. Group sessions are specifically relevant for teens and decrease social stigmas they may initially experience surrounding mental health. In fact, through the group therapy process, the majority of teens show improvement when compared to other types of therapy or versus individual sessions alone. ***

Asking for help takes courage, but you don’t have to do this alone. Let us help you!

We will be with you in your journey one step at a time. Take the first step and schedule your free consultation with Equity Associates today. Our intake process is straightforward and streamlined. Teens can get started with Equity Associates’ online teen counseling groups or be matched with an individual counselor within three to five days in most cases. We are based in Colorado and Indiana, and can help those anywhere in either state. No matter what, we’re always here to support those who need us through our confidential online counseling platform.

Get in touch and we will be glad to help make sure you have all the information you need. You can also call us at (866) 633-4288.

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Still have questions or need more information? Get in touch and we will be glad to help make sure you have all the information you need. You can also call us at  (866) 633-4288.

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Still have questions or need more information? Get in touch and we will be glad to help make sure you have all the information you need. You can also call us at  (866) 633-4288.